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About village Strba...

First remark about the township is from the year 1208. Reason for the name Strba is not known till now, the oldest name Czorba apparently is connected to its location – rift between High and Low Tatras.


7. Post office, 8. Elementary school Strba, 9. Bakery „Pod Brezou“, 10. Health center and pharmacy,
12. Railway station Strba, 13. Municipal office Strba, 14. Township center, 15. Monument “Sorrow Mother”,
16. Evangelist church, 17. Roman-catholic church, 18. Privat - Milan Jonas

Strba has been important in political and cultural life of upper Liptov. Economic and social life affected the development of travel industry in the High Tatras.

In the township there can be found from the initial archeological sights evangelic church a.v. from the year 1784, roman-catholic church of St. Ondrej from the year 1844, authentic blockhouse together with the location Soldovo – vanished Middle Aged township with the SNP monument of „Sorrow Mother“.

The Small Strba Marathon is organized every year in July. The organizers of the 31 km road run from Strba to Liptovska Teplicka and back invite all fans of endurance run.

Travel industry should become step by step the source of township existence. Great location of Strba on the foot of the High Tatra, good traffic connection, large accommodation capacity, good level of commercial network, hospitality and true-heartedness of inhabitants create conditions for tourism development, recreation and with this connected services under the Tatra mountains. In summer, guests visit mainly the High Tatra. From the Tatranska Strba runs cog-rail to Strbske Pleso (1355 m), often visited resort with beautiful view at surface of the Strbske Tarn and the closest hills Solisko (2301 m), Patria (2203 m), Vysoka (2560 m). From here you can start less difficult trips. Chair lift goes to Solisko. There are also many possibilities for alpine tours to the mountain tarns, by the slip to the Tatra peaks. Mountain rises are possible just with mountain guide.

Two educational-relaxation cycling ways are built in the township Strba.

Number of ski resorts is available in winter. Directly in Tatranska Strba there are two ski lifts suitable for beginners and children. We recommend the ski center in the Dream Area in Strbske Pleso (14 km) for demanding skiers. Very nice is skiing in the close Lopusna valley by Svit (7 km) and in Liptovska Teplicka (17 km). Good skiers can visit the ski center Jasna in Low Tatras (50 km).

M-club – township youth club was founded in the township in September 2003. It offers good conditions for spending free time for young people and also creates conditions for self-realization and creative activity.

You can find more information on the official web page of Strba –


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